Education in Management and Sales

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Our courses for sales and management professionals convey well recognised strategies and their implementation. We are committed to prepare organisations and individuals for the challenging transformations of business ahead of us. The focus lies on structure, customer relations and entrepreneurial responsibility and off course we also cover style, values and personal development.

Our training stands out through technical expertise in animal health, agriculture, trading, food and beverage production. It is about best practices and refining what works best for you.

Seminars ⋅ Classes ⋅ Mentoring

Client Structure

Group Classroom, in-house

Together we discover how to approach the right customers and roam on the business potential. You learn why your customers buy your solutions and how to confidently control the sales process.

Manager Monitor

Private Sessions

How do you manage your team? How do you develop talent and use them best? What is your style?
We work together, one-on-one.
We stay in touch and follow up over a period of time.

Entrepreneurial Thinking

Master Class

Group training covering essential aspects of regional capacity, business development, potential, culture and structure. Our programme shares best practises of the industry and it is adapted to your specific needs.

What textbooks don’t tell you

Theories are best, wenn they hold in practice. Therefore we work on a very personal level and maintain regular longterm exchange with our clients. 

It’s about picking from proven models what works best is your particular situation and then raise the bar.


We would be happy to hear from you. 

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